How-to Guide

Forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, please contact IRC staff via and request a password reset. IRC staff will reset your password and email you back as soon as possible with your new password.

Forgot my login

Your login information contains you first name followed by an underscore and last name. For example, the name John Smith would be entered as, john_smith.

Borrowing items

In order to check out an item, the item first needs to be added to your Cart. Once all items of interest have been added, click on your Cart, delete any unnecessary items, and when ready, click on the “Send” option. A small pop-up window will appear with the email for the IRC and your user name. If you do not see your name already in the user name field, you are not logged in and will need to do so before sending your Cart. Once IRC staff receives your Cart list, they will retrieve the items for pick up. Be sure to review your items carefully and remove those that are not required as ALL items in your Cart will be sent in the email for retrieval.

Picking up your items

Items submitted for retrieval will be made available for pick up within a 24 hour period. Please, note however that the Great Northern Way Campus is not staffed on weekends or holidays. Consequently, requests made on Fridays, or Saturdays will not be ready for pick up until Monday or, the day after a stat holiday. If you require an item urgently for class instruction, please contact IRC staff in person for assistance.

Item due dates

Most items in the IRC collection can be checked out by patrons for a period of 3 weeks. Some items such as hardware or class materials however may be subject to differential loan periods due to high demand and limited availability. After you have checked out an item, it will be listed on your IRC personal home page along with its due date and applicable fines. It is suggested that you frequent your IRC home page on a regular basis to help remind yourself of up-coming due dates. As with any library, it is your responsibility to ensure that items are returned on time. If an item surpasses its due date, you will receive an email notification reminding you to return or renew the item. You will receive a second email reminder one week later if the item is still not returned. After 2 weeks, a final reminder will be sent and you will have your IRC account frozen until the item is returned.

Returning my items

Please return your items to the same location where you picked them up at the front entrance reception desk. Make sure that you hand the items over to the receptionist while he or she is physically present. If your items are left there unattended and go missing, you will be held accountable for their loss.

Renewing items

If you require an item past its due date, you have the option of renewing that item twice. If it is necessary to have an item at your disposal indefinitely for the purpose of class instruction, or for a student project, contact IRC staff to have that item placed on reserve. An item placed on reserve is no longer available for loan but may be accessed for reference use by patrons.

Unable to renew items

You may find yourself unable to renew an item if you have maxed the renew limit; if the item is placed on hold by another patron; or, if your account has been frozen, in which case, you will need to contact IRC Staff.

Paying fines

Fines are not currently collected for overdue items. Please keep things this way by ensuring that you return or renew your items by their due date. Abuse of the IRC collection will lead to the implementation of issuing fines.

Cannot find an item

If you cannot find an item, you have several options available. First, try contacting IRC staff for assistance . If you are convinced that the item is not in the IRC collection, use the link to the SFU library and attempt to find your item there. If successful, you can place an interlibrary loan for SFU materials using the "my interlibrary loans" feature on your personal IRC home page. If you have a suggested item request, you can talk to one of the faculty members, as they have authority to order items for the IRC..

Interlibrary loans

Centre for Digital Media currently has an understanding with the Simon Fraser University to permit interlibrary loans from their collection. Click on "my interlibrary loans" and follow the instructions as outlined. Once the request has been processed, your item(s) should arrive within the week. You will receive an email notifying you of when your item(s) is ready for pick up.

Placing a hold for an item

If an item you require is unavailable, you may place a hold to prevent the item from being renewed. Once the item has been returned, and is ready for pick up, you will receive an email notification. The "place hold" option can be found on the results list beneath the item you want, or, on the right hand side of the item's detail screen. Note however, that there is no "place hold" option available for items that are not for loan.

My Messaging

The OPAC messaging system enables you to receive automated messages informing you of upcoming events, item due notices, and advance due notices. This is a valuable tool to help ensure that you are aware of when your items are due back at the IRC. To take advantage of this tool, please check the boxes under Email for the notices you wish to receive and ensure that your correct email address has been added to your personal details. Unfortunately, the SMS feature is not currently operational, nor are there plans for its implementation in the near future.

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